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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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you can go eat at a variety of over 3 thousand restaurants in san francisco and just being feeding fed is your requirement kooul you'll go to the at least expensive one. if you want more of on experience of the meal itself urge tow go to a restaurant that gives us that. that is the same case. we're making an attractive venue for events. i certainly think they've worked extremely well, as was pointed out to the neighbors. we've got smaller clubs in the city like the feinstein's and, of course, venues such a davies and the opera house. but again those don't combine
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the food and drink experience expect on a limited use with the entertainment. i think we will attract more and better quality acts by moving moving forward. this is a historical arena >> commissioner wu. >> i wanted to ask staff the question. i'm trying to understand how does the su d act with flying zoning and section 132 b allow the use to happen >> it basically sets forth the conditional use for certain types uses eating and drinking and that's part of the request today. it didn't take place with
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anything that is not to deal with non-conforming uses. when you have a non-conforming use you can have during a certainty point of operation you can discontinue that use or seek the legalization for the use. that was the case in 2012 for the masonic approval or you can seek to change to another type of use. the types of uses i can chance to are regulated by two other parts of the planning code. if the use is permitted in the nc one district and conditional permitted within any neighborhood commercial district within a quarter of a mile like polk street if those are
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accurate the project sponsor can go ahead with a request for conditional use to chance to that other identified use. so in this case, the other use is entertainment which is a defined category and it's permitted with conditional use within the polk district >> and so the inlying district is 4 so this third option to change the use either in a nc within a quarter of that mile. does it have to do with 4 or not >> the only underlying zoning only comes into play because the non conforming uses in
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non-arousal district which this is. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i think that explanation is an important link we can't challenge what's in the code and amendments of the kind in in front of us are. i'm in support of the continual use of the masonic. the last 4 years they're capable based on the agreement and the neighborhood groups that are watching is that it works. there's no double a noble there of cars swimming around trying to find the last minute parking space but that's part of living in the city that itself is hopefully wouldn't make anyone object to the project. the noise impact as far as performances within the facility
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as it stands they've already been it's built as an auditorium and changes in the sound equipment who wouldn't sfut many changes. i'm glad the pine street building was originally not doomed asia pabl possible i think it's good that speaks to how the kitchen and food services are being run which was previously not possible. so in principle i'm in support that didn't effect envy voting against the eir, however, the pranl project as it stands it something i'm supportive of >> commissioner hillis. >> i think this is a great venue and live nation and the property owner has done a great
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job in reaching the settlement agreement. this goes far in settling the number of events. we fear this is an auditorium there will be the repute i didn't crowd but people who programmed those spaces they've looked at the wind earth and fire and van morrison those might have been the repute i didn't crowds then but it's not that now. it's the masonic auditorium those acts wouldn't play at the masonic. this is highly appropriate and i'll move to approve with conditions >> second. >> commissioner. >> and commissioner hillis those are the conditions that were read by mr. guy.
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>> correct. >> regarding the pine tree yard. >> yes. i want to add a couple of comments i'm supportive and appreciate the comments about the su direct your attention. but in the big picture i'm exfoliated to see this project come forward and bring knob hill up. its been challenged by some of the great restaurants. there are three or four public garages in the area that's not a problem. when i hear the word concert used at the masonic it's difficult those are small intimated shows that's a great a place to hear shows. i'm supportive >> commissioner moore. >> this shows how effective a
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project can be. it's been an uphill battle but supervisor chu stepped in. those support is the neighbors sentiment. it's indeed an ongoing group of people who are monitoring this with the attention to park et and i'm very happy >> commissioners there's a motion additional second to approve with conditions and read into the record by staff. on that motion (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to
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zero >> does the commission take a short break and will be back in 15
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